About TCiL

A bit of history and what we're about

There is a long tradition of carol singing throughout England, whether it be at formal church services, carollers going from house to house, or people just gathering together to sing the Christmas songs that they've grown up with.

The inspiration for Traditional Carols in London comes from many of the small villages on the periphery of Sheffield in South Yorkshire where every weekend, from the first Sunday after Remembrance right up to Christmas, people squeeze into small rooms in their local pubs to sing carols together in a secular celebration of Christmas.

Many of the carols sung are rarely heard outside of the immediate area around Sheffield. The words are sometimes familiar and often used several times over to different, but always stirring, tunes.

Carol singing itself is not new to London, but since about 2005 a group of us have been gathering in pubs to sing these "Sheffield" carols along with some from Sussex and a few of the more commonly known carols.

Through Traditional Carols in London we hope to encourage people to come and join us to sing these beautiful songs over a beer or two, to help keep these old songs alive and, most of all, to enjoy a musical and secular celebration of this most magical time of the year.

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